Advanced Technology


Laser Dentistry

Many patients start getting anxious at the mere mention of a dentist’s drill. Solea laser dentistry is making the dental drill a thing of the past. This technology uses a laser for addressing cavities and root canals to prepare the tooth for filling or a crown. The laser can also be used on various soft tissue procedures and reduces the potential risks involved with some types of dental surgeries.

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CEREC (Chairside Economic Restoration & Esthetic Ceramic) allows us to make crowns, veneers, dental implant restorations, and more right at our location in Saratoga Springs, UT.Everything is made on-site while you wait. You leave with your permanent crown. The CEREC equipment used to make your crown receives a 3D image and it mills the restoration while you wait! Watch this video to see it in action!


3D Beam Scanning

Our Galileos 3D Beam Scanning equipment does much more than x-ray your teeth. This technology allows us to get a complete 3D picture of every part of your mouth, so we don’t miss a thing. When your dentist can see the complete picture of your teeth in addition to the dental roots and facial bones, they can more accurately diagnose problems and provide a better treatment plan. You get a significantly lower dose of radiation than you might through more traditional x-rays. Finally, the process is fast, easy, and much more comfortable than other methods that might be used.