Orthodontic treatment can make your smile look better and feel more comfortable with straight, aligned teeth. Considering orthodontic treatment in Saratoga Springs, UT? Of course, you should know about your options before committing to any procedure. You want to make sure you are making a wise decision that fits your needs.

What is


Orthodontics is the practice of straightening and aligning teeth. It is also used to correct bite problems. There are multiple ways to do this, ranging from traditional methods to more modern forms of straightening teeth that are deemed more gentle on the mouth.

Aren’t Braces

Just for Kids?

Of course not! While the ideal age for orthodontic treatment is from 10-14, patients of any age can benefit from it. Many adults, particularly those who have had orthodontics before, are surprised to learn that their teeth have shifted or that they have developed bite issues as a natural part of aging. Adults who did not have the opportunity for treatments as children can also still improve their smiles.

What Types of

Orthodontics do You Provide?

In our Saratoga Springs, UT office we provide traditional orthodontic treatment in addition to less invasive Invisalign treatments.



Traditional orthodontics are the standard braces that come to mind for most people when they think about straightening their teeth. This treatment is usually done by placing brackets directly on the teeth. Archwires then connect those brackets. This creates a constant pressure on your teeth which moves them into the desired position. As the teeth move, the wires are regularly adjusted to ensure the correct position.


Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that can be an excellent option for some patients. In place of the fixed brackets and wires used in more traditional therapies, Invisalign consists of a series of hard plastic trays that are custom-made just for you. They are changed every two weeks as your teeth shift into the desired position. The benefits of Invisalign is that the treatment is almost invisible on your smile and allow patients to remove the aligners to eat their favorite foods without worry and keep their smile clean.

When it is time to consider orthodontic treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Our office in Saratoga Springs, UT, can help you develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Call us today!