Laser Sealing

In dentistry, lasers are a relatively new addition to the tools used to treat patients, especially those worried about surgeries or who have had bad dental experiences in the past. Our office in Saratoga Springs, UT, is proud to include the Solea dental laser in our treatment plans.

What is

a Laser Sealant?

A laser sealant is when the doctor uses a super small hard tissue laser to clean and remove all the decay and bacteria in the grooves of your of your teeth. He then places a gel to fill in those grooves and create a strong bond with the tooth structure. Afterwards a sealant is placed on top and a strong blue light is used to harden the sealant.

Why Should I

Laser Seal My Teeth?

Sealants are like an umbrella for your teeth! Anytime the cavity causing bacteria lands on your tooth, it will seep into the grooves of your teeth causing infection. A sealant protects your teeth and anything from getting inside!

What Are

The Benefits?

Laser dentistry offers patients a number of benefits. When lasers are used to treat cavities or root canals, there is much less need for traditional dental drills. For many patients, this can help with anxiety, especially if they had a bad experience in the past. When used for other procedures that typically involve cutting, the patient experiences less bleeding, and sutures are needed less frequently. The lasers also work to sterilize the gums reducing the likelihood of infections.

Since only damaged or decaying tissue is affected, anesthetics are not needed as often. The patient experiences less pain than with other methods due to the numbing nature of the laser. Also, the patient can usually go right back to their day after their procedures, without a fat lip or a numb face. Finally, lasers cause less damage to the surrounding tissues or healthy teeth. Less damage results in faster healing times for patients

Laser dentistry has become a popular treatment option for many people in the United States. With its popularity rising, more and more people are asking about laser dentistry. Contact our Saratoga Springs, UT office today to learn how laser dentistry can be included in your treatment plan.