Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a beautiful smile can make your life a whole lot easier. But sometimes, that isn’t possible without assistance. That is why so many patients are interested in cosmetic dentistry. It is also about more than just how your smile appears. Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dental procedure that delivers both functionality and aesthetics to patients. Our Saratoga Springs, UT location utilizes advanced technology to provide patients with many cosmetic dentistry services.

What is

Cosmetic Dentistry?

When you are busy living your life, accidents will happen, even to your teeth. When those accidents happen, teeth can be knocked out or broken. Also, a variety of illnesses and necessary medications can affect the health or appearance of your smile. Even simply aging can affect the appearance of your teeth, making them look more dull or yellowed. Cosmetic dentistry procedures help those patients enjoy their smile again and feel confident around others.


Same-Day Crowns

CEREC (chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramics) allows our facility to provide patients with same-day crowns. Crowns aren’t only for improving the appearance of your teeth. They are an essential part of a wide variety of dental procedures. A crown can be used to prevent the loss of a tooth when it is cracked, chipped, or otherwise broken. They are also commonly used after root canal procedures or when a filling is too large or too old to properly support the tooth.

CEREC makes waiting for a crown a thing of the past! Patients receive a perfectly matched crown the day of their procedure. Most patients can get their new tooth for an implant or restoration while they wait in the office the same day as their treatment.


Teeth Whitening

The Solea laser used in various other procedures in our office can provide a powerful boost to professional whitening treatments. The laser amplifies the bleaching process. This means that your smile is sure to shine brighter for longer. Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure that has a drastic result.



Veneers are often nicknamed “instant orthodontics” as they can give your smile the appearance of healthy straight teeth in just two appointments. Veneers are masks that cover the front of damaged, flawed, or malformed teeth and are shaped to look just like natural teeth. In most cases, the procedure only takes two visits, so they are an excellent solution for someone who needs a new smile in a short amount of time!

If you’ve been putting off a badly needed crown for a damaged tooth or have been dreaming about a dazzling smile for years, call our Saratoga Springs, UT office today to discuss a cosmetic dentistry procedure.